Neil Stirton: The Nine of Diamonds – Bűvészkönyv

10 990 Ft

A kötet Skócia legjobb bűvészeinek kollaborációjából született: elképesztő ötletek, színvonalas close-up összeállítás, az ár pedig szinte ajándék. 140 oldalas angol nyelvű szakkönyv. Nem kezdőknek. A könyv ajánlásai és a trükkök rövid összefoglalója az alábbiakban érhető el:


“An excellent book filled with brilliant close up ideas, and I can only hope that this gets the sales and recognition it deserves.”

Kyle MacNeill (The Magic Cafe)


“A book of excellent card and close-up material”

Peter Duffie (MAGIC Magazine)

Sleights and Techniques

  • Reguritator Revelation – a novel card revelation
  • Touch Reverse – unpublished Jack Parker move for switching and reversing a selected card
  • Angled Afterburner – Jason Alford’s fantastic control
  • Plate Clip Displacement – method to displace a card in a spread on top of a deck to any location in the pack
  • FIRP – Gary Goldberg’s obscure method of reversing a card during a faro shuffle
  • Popout Pass Revelation – a classic pass variation where a card pops out from the side of the deck
  • Third Finger Crease Grip – method for replacing breaks held in a small packet
  • Fiend Stack – how much can you cram into a stacked deck
  • Bart Harding Stack – details on the calculated deck of Bart Harding, courtesy of Alan Shaxon
  • Himber Vanish Variation – clean vanish of a coin

OK Show Me Something

  • Jack’s Departure from the Stage – convincing new approach to ‘Point of Departure’
  • Amass Aces – a beautifully choreographed collectors routine
  • Regurgitator – two cards “barf up” a selection
  • Radical Decency – two Jokers visually transform into two selected cards
  • Still Smiling – a new handling of a Roy Walton classic
  • Frankenstein’s Bunny – four beautiful assistants help find a lost pet rabbit

Minus 52

  • A Small Price to Pay – a coin trick with three perfect predictions
  • Quick n Dirty Three Fly – coins across routine based around a new sleight
  • Quick n Dirty Hanging Coins – you’ll swear trick coins are used, but not so
  • Zen Stack – hailed as the very best stack using Zenner (ESP) Cards

Some Assembly Required

  • I Don’t Trost You – a spectator deals herself four Aces from a deck shuffled by multiple spectators
  • Buckley’s Angels – new take on an Arthur Buckley miracle that’ll blow your audience away
  • Another Flippin’ collectors – a technicians approach to the Collectors plot
  • Sesame Street – A version of “do as I do” that will leave a lasting memory in the spectators minds
  • Lazy Man’s Memory Test – astounding performance piece with a deck of cards
  • Two Faced Mother FIRPer – a magician fooler that will have them cursing you
  • Any Card at Any Number – amaze your fellow magicians, bore your friends!