Fulves: Self-Working Table Magic – Bűvészkönyv

4 490 Ft

97 elképesztő bűvésztrükk hétköznapi eszközökkel – tollal, ceruzával, gumikarikával, érmével, zsebkendővel, kockával, gyufával és egyéb háztartásban megtalálható tárgyakkal. Angol nyelvű szakkönyv, könnyű mutatványok, 122 oldal. Minden bűvésznek olvasnia kellene.



Step-by-step instructions and over 180 helpful illustrations insure quick and effective mastery of each trick. Self-Working Table Magic contains nearly 100 tricks in the following categories:


  • Money Magic
  • Magic Show in a Matchbox
  • Dice Dexterity
  • Conjuror’s Collection
  • Psychic Tricks
  • Elastic Illusions
  • Hanky Panky
  • Close-Up Illusions
  • The Linking Pins
  • Pen-Ultimate Magic

Some chapters have been designed to provide the reader with a complete act of close-up magic. For example, the chapter entitled “Magic Show in a Matchbox,” gives you about 15 minutes of excellent tricks and stunts to amaze and amuse your audience. Master the tricks in this book and you will be ready to entertain anytime, anywhere, with some of the finest of all close-up mysteries.

Karl Fulves, editor of Pallbearer magazine and one of the most renowned modern writers in the field of magic, has selected these tricks from both old and new magic stunts. Some are classic feats of time-tested wizardry, while others are new and inventive techniques. All, however, are easy-to-learn foolproof routines that will enable you to dazzle and delight your audience.