Andi Gladwin: The Boy Who Cried Magic – Bűvészkönyv

19 900 Ft

2021 szenzációs bűvészkönyve egyenesen Andi Gladwin tollából, kezeiből és elméjéből. A több mint 250 oldalas angol nyelvű szakkönyv tizenhat hihetetlen rutint és tizenöt különféle mozdulatot tartalmaz – például azt az Undo Cutot és Master Pushoffot, amelyet a világ legjobb kártyabűvészei is használnak. Haladó anyag.



The Boy Who Cried Magic is a perfect magic book, written by the best writer in magic. The tricks are world-class performance pieces, and the book itself is stunning. Every magician should own it!— Dynamo

There is something for every card magician in this incredible book from Andi’s amazing rapid-fire multiple selection routine known as “Fireworks” to his powerful thought-of cards across, super commercial “Whack your Phone Effect” and even a practical Triumph routine where the audience helps you mix the cards.

There’s also, of course, plenty of material for the most dedicated sleight of hand card magicians, including 15 techniques such as his full work on the Master Pushoff, new moves such as the UnDo Cut and UnDo Shuffle, and a unique take on the Braue Popup that you’re going to want to add directly into your Ambitious Card routine.

Beyond its remarkable contents, The Boy Who Cried Magic is quite possibly the most beautiful book Vanishing Inc. has ever produced. This breathtaking hardback book features 250 pages and 240 full color photos, all printed on premium glossy paper. The addition of a gorgeous slipcase will make this book stand out on your shelf.