Modern Mind Reading DVD – Magic Zee – 10 mentalista mutatvány

7 500 Ft

A DVD-n 10 (nézők és valós közönség előtt is tesztelt!) mentalista mutatvány látható.



Infók az effektekről az eredeti leírás szerint:

Gum Peek – Use a gum pack as a device. Technically a 50-cent peek device!

$1000 Peek Wallet – Thanks to all those peek wallet makers for making awful-looking, unstylish wallets which pushed me to come up with this

Apple Watch -An incredible multi-phase mind-reading routine. (No, you do not need an Apple watch to perform it)

Breath Mint -100% Magician fooler

iBillet – Using any phone as a peek device!

College Tuition – Casually demonstrate the nearly impossible possibility

Bunny Star – Psychometry with a kicker ending.

Hello Bunny – A few pieces of paper and a pen is all that’s needed to trigger a heart-warming emotion.

1818 – Inspired by Seances with slates performed by psychics back in the 20th century

Perfect Mental Epic – Hen Fetsch’s Mental Epic on another level